The Solution for Helping You Lose Your Double Chin

A double chin is nothing to be embarrassed about. However, if you think it ages you, or if it makes you insecure about your profile, no need to worry. There’s an easy fix to a double chin, and it doesn’t involve going under the knife. 

Our specialist at Medical Aesthetics & Laser, Dr. Safoora Zaka, uses Kybella®, the only FDA-approved injectable for melting off the fat underneath the chin. 

Stick with us to find out what the injectable contains, how the injectable safely eliminates fat tissue, and what kind of results you can expect after receiving the injectable.

How Kybella destroys fat cells 

Kybella injectables contain deoxycholic acid, a naturally-occurring bile acid. In the intestines, this acid helps break down fat cells by destroying the fat cell membrane.

When injected into the body, the synthetic form of deoxycholic acid breaks down subcutaneous fat, which is the fat tissue located just under your skin. The damaged fat cells become cellular waste that gets cleaned up and excreted by the lymphatic system over the course of a few weeks. 

The injected substance is also metabolized and excreted as waste. Because fat cells can’t regenerate, the results of the treatment are permanent. 

What to expect during and after the treatments 

Before starting your treatment, Dr. Zaka may ask you if you’ve had recent surgical procedures beneath your chin or if you have any medical issues that affect the chin and the surrounding area. She may also ask if you’re currently taking blood thinners or if you’re pregnant or plan to become pregnant. 

Once Dr. Zaka determines it’s safe to inject the deoxycholic acid, she’ll ask you to make yourself comfortable while she applies numbing cream on your chin area. 

Dr. Zaka may use several thin needles to target the fat tissue beneath your chin. The whole process takes about 20 minutes to complete. After Dr. Zaka cleans the area, you should be able to return to your daily activities immediately after leaving our office. 

Potential side effects include redness, swelling, bruising, and tenderness in the treated area. However, most side effects resolve on their own after a couple of days. 

To achieve optimal results, you may need anywhere between two and four Kybella treatments. 

Achieve a sculpted chin without going under the knife 

Is your double chin bothering you? Contact us to schedule an appointment at our office in Walnut Creek, California. Our specialist will answer all of your questions about Kybella and put together a customized treatment plan so you get the best results possible.

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