Refresh and Rejuvenate Your Appearance With Ultherapy

Are you looking to freshen your appearance but dread the idea of getting a facelift? Ultherapy is a procedure that uses ultrasounds to stimulate collagen into the deep skin tissues, improving skin elasticity and reducing wrinkles. Because it can both plump up the skin and reduce fine lines, it’s often considered a non-surgical alternative to a facelift.

Our expert at Medical Aesthetics & Laser, Dr. Safoora Zaka, uses Ultherapy to turn back time and improve skin quality and laxity for many of her patients. Want to learn more about Ultherapy? Read on to find out what areas it’s used on and who can benefit from it.

Ultherapy 101

Ultherapy was FDA-cleared in 2009 to rejuvenate skin on the chest, neck, and face. It’s best used on patients who have fine lines and mild-to-moderate elasticity loss of the skin. 

During the procedure, Dr. Zaka will ask you to lie down while she applies a numbing cream on your skin to ensure you remain comfortable throughout the entire procedure. 

A session of Ultherapy may last anywhere between 30 and 90 minutes. It’s designed to be a standalone procedure, as a single session is enough to trigger collagen production. 

Results and recovery 

The results of Ultherapy aren’t immediate. The collagen needs time to rebuild and renew the skin cells. You may start noticing the initial results a few days after the procedure, but your skin will continue improving up until the 3-month mark. 

Most patients enjoy the benefits of Ultherapy for up to 2 years from one session. According to a survey, 67% of the participants who had Ultherapy reported being either satisfied or very satisfied with the results of the procedure. 

Owing to the noninvasive nature of the Ultherapy, there’s no downtime required. You can return to your daily routine right after your procedure. Side effects are minimal, though you may experience some mild redness and discomfort in the treated area. 

Find out if you’re a good candidate for Ultherapy 

If you’re interested in shaving a few years off your appearance, contact us to schedule an appointment. Dr. Zaka is an expert in non-surgical, anti-aging procedures (injectables, laser therapy, body contouring, microneedling, and chemical peels), and upon examination, she can help you find the right procedure or treatment for your beauty goals.

You can visit our before and after gallery to get an idea of what results you can achieve at our practice. 

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