Everything You Should Know About a VI Chemical Peel

VI chemical peels are medical-grade peels done in a medical setting due to the strength of their ingredients. 

Superficial peels don’t penetrate beyond the epidermis, and medium peels don’t penetrate beyond the dermis. However, VI chemical peels reach into the deeper levels of the dermis, enabling them to peel more than just the top layer and reveal a shiny, new layer of skin. 

At Medical Aesthetics & Laser, our specialist, Safoora Zaka, MD, performs VI chemical peels on her patients in Walnut Creek, California. To help you determine which peel is best for your skin concerns, we asked her all about VI chemical peels.

What to expect during a VI chemical peel 

Although the VI chemical peels penetrate deeper in the skin, they’re safe for all skin types and don’t require any skin preparation. 

VI chemical peels don’t cause pain, but some patients experience skin sensitivities following the peel. You can have this type of peel on your face, neck, and chest. 

Our specialist does this chemical peel at the office, and she only needs a few minutes to spread out the active blend of ingredients on your skin. After she applies the peel, you’re free to go home. Four hours after having the peel applied to your skin, you’re recommended to wash it off. 

What the recovery entails 

After the application of the peel, you may need to wait up to a week to see the final results. Your skin may begin peeling between days three and five. 

The peeling process is different for everyone. Some may experience large layers of skin coming off, whereas others may experience smaller pieces of skin coming off in flakes. 

Who’s a good candidate for a VI chemical peel 

You may benefit from a VI chemical peel if you have the following skin concerns:

The results of the peel aren’t permanent, but you can prolong the results by avoiding the use of harsh cosmetics, quitting cigarettes, and drinking more water. Wearing sunscreen can also prevent a variety of skin imperfections. 

Get your VI chemical peel with us in Walnut Creek, California

Do you want to achieve a glowy, flawless complexion? Contact us to schedule an appointment. 

Dr. Zaka will answer all of your skin-related questions and recommend a personalized treatment for your skin. She also offers laser therapy, ultrasound therapy, injectables, and microneedling.

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