Ditch the Double Chin With Non-Surgical Kybella

Are you bothered by your double chin but unwilling to undergo a surgical procedure? Kybella® is an injectable that melts fat cells, and is designed for people who want to reduce chin fat without going through an invasive procedure.

Fat deposits in the chin area aren’t only influenced by weight gain. Genetics and hormones also play an important role in fat distribution. Kybella can help melt these fat deposits in a way that diet and exercise can’t. 

We asked our specialist, Safoora Zaka MD, at Medical Aesthetics & Laser in Walnut Creek, California, to explain how Kybella can fight against genetically determined fat deposits. Read on to learn about the benefits of the treatment.

Brief recovery and no scarring 

Scarring is one of the main downsides of many surgical interventions. In the past, liposuction was used to remove fat deposits in the chin area, but the procedure often came with a lengthy recovery period and caused scarring. 

Kybella is injected with thin needles that leave no marks, and most people can return to their usual routine within 3-4 days after the treatment.

Reduced risk for loose skin 

Because the injectable breaks down the fat cells within 4-6 weeks, your skin has more time to adapt to less fat tissue. 

When a surgeon removes some of the fat layers, the skin doesn’t have time to snap back to its initial position. Therefore, liposuction is often paired with the removal of excess skin. 

However, Kybella doesn’t address loose muscles and skin. For these concerns, you may need a different procedure. 

High satisfaction rates with permanent results 

Once the deoxycholic acid found in the injectables damages the fat cells and the elimination of the cells via the lymphatic system begins, the fat deposits can’t come back. There’s a possibility of your fat cells to increase in size in the surrounding areas, but this only happens if you gain weight. 

In addition to the results being permanent, Kybella also has a high satisfaction rate. In a study conducted on 500 patients who received Kybella injections, over 80% reported being very satisfied with the results. The clinical trial also found that there were very few side effects, and the treatment was very well tolerated.

Get a more defined chin with Kybella 

By injecting a fat-burning molecule into your skin, Dr. Zaka can help you achieve a more sculpted chin within 15-20 minutes.

If you want to find out whether you’re a good candidate for Kybella, contact us to schedule an appointment at our office located in Walnut Creek.

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